#31. The Rest Of The Story

For the last seven months, starting on the 1st of May 2020, I have narrated my story through posts on this blog “Memoirs of a Development Worker in Africa”. In these posts, I have also included contemporary development issues. There is a lot more that I need to write to complete my autobiography. 

Since the year 1999, I have spent nearly ten and a half years in Burundi, two years in South Africa as well as another two years in the Republic of Niger. Throughout these years, I have worked in the conflict areas, aided in the fight against HIV/AIDS while also joining the climate change debate. In my last two years in the Republic of Niger, I worked to respond to acute food shortages in the middle of sub-regional insecurity. The details of all these years of working in different circumstances form the rest of the story. 

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to publish the rest of the story on this blog. I have started the manuscript for my autobiography that is entitled “INDELIBLE DEVELOPMENT TRAILS – Memoirs of a Development Worker in Africa”. The rest of the story will be written directly in this manuscript. God willing, the manuscript and publication of my autobiography should be completed before September 2021. I am aware that many people are enjoying these posts. 

Please pray for me as I write directly into the manuscript of my autobiography. I will be back to announce the publication of my autobiography and how to access and purchase it.

I’m very grateful for the comments and encouragement from readers of this blog.

Please purchase the book when it is published and you will find it intriguing, interesting, exciting, full of suspense and unbelievable accounts with memorable life lessons.


One thought on “#31. The Rest Of The Story

  1. It is really encouraging for young like us who fight every day to just make a change every day and where ever we are.
    Long life and strong health, wishing from Belgium
    NSABA Fatuma


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